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  • Disc Feeder

    Disc Feeder

    【Introduction】: A traditional continuous feeding equipment for powder material
    【 Capacity 】: 0~88.4t/h
    【Improvement】: Install speed adjustment motor according to need; control feeding volume by adjusting the rotation speed of disc
  • Belt Feeder

    Belt Feeder

    【Introduction】: A belt feeder with heave pressure bearing
    【 Capacity 】: 10~450t/h
    【Improvement】: Speed adjustment motor, adjusting the feeding volume by changing belt speed
  • Pendulum Feeder

    Pendulum Feeder

    【Introduction】: A feeder with periodic reciprocating motion for fine particles
    【 Capacity 】: 4.5~25t/h
    【Improvement】: Worm gear reducer, compact structure, reliable sealing device
  • ZSW Vibrating Feeder

    ZSW Vibrating Feeder

    【Introduction】: A mechanical vibrating feeding equipment with rough screening function
    【 Capacity 】: 96~560t/h
    【Improvement】: 1, Baseboard of feeding tank adopts “Blind plate + screen” to pre-screen the small block materials 2, Double eccentric shaft vibrator
  • Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

    Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

    【Introduction】: A feeder with simple structure and suitable for non-sticky materials
    【 Capacity 】: 7~1700t/h
    【Improvement】: 1, Transporting materials relying on electromagnetic vibrating; 2, Stepless adjustment feeding.
  • Chute Feeder

    Chute Feeder

    【Introduction】: A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials
    【 Capacity 】: 10~90t/h
    【Improvement】: According to user requirements, the motor can be changed to the speed adjustment motor to adjust the feeding volume.
  • Plate Feeder

    Plate Feeder

    【Introduction】: A feeding machine with impact resistance and large convey capacity
    【 Capacity 】: 15~217m3/h
    【Improvement】: A reducer with large speed ratio, speed adjustment motor
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