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Gravity Separation Equipment

  • Centrifugal Concentrator

    Centrifugal Concentrator

    【Introduction】: Centrifugal separator is a equipment for gravity separation.
    【 Capacity 】: 0.25~12
    【Improvement】: The centrifugal separator creates large centrifugal force through high speed rotating, which strongthen gravity separation process. The micro fineness minerals can be recoveried more efficitively.
  • Jig


    【Introduction】: An equipment realizes the separation of light and heavy mineral by the different sedimentation speed in vertical alternating water flow
    【 Capacity 】: 1~25t/h
    【Improvement】: The cone slide valve is adopted; the failure rate is reduced by 80%; low energy consumption;the separation of different material, improvement of the processing capacity by more than 35%.
  • Concentrating Table

    Concentrating Table (Shaking Table)

    【Introduction】: Concentrating table (shaking table) is a gravity separation equipment of separation different weight mineral by asymmetric reciprocating motion
    【 Capacity 】: 0.1~1.8 t/h
    【Improvement】: The cam lever type head is adopted; the stroke is adjusted by changing the position of sliding head on rocker arm; jig frequency is controlled by the smoothing motor pulley.
  • Spiral Chute

    Spiral Chute

    【Introduction】: A gravity separation equipment of separation different weight mineral by inertial centrifugal force pulp produced in helix turning motion
    【 Capacity 】: 0.15~16t/h
    【Improvement】: There are 3 kinds of chute for user to choose, glass steel chute, Xinhai wear-resistant rubber liner, polyurethane rubber liner.
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